Rent with Ease

Are you tired of these ?

  • Argues who should pay more electricity and water bills?
  • The toilet that never clean
  • The Water leakage every time it rains
  • Feeling alone in a house full of strangers
  • Unclaimable deposits when tenancy ends

The list just keeps on growing! We also had our lives as a tenant, and those above are just part of what we have been through and survived. You shouldn’t have to encounter these; 

It is our vision to create good vibe among the Residents to make it a friendly community; like having 2nd home, where your housemates are your friends and not strangers who happens to be in same unit.  Imagine; You are able to make friends, exchange insights and jokes and have a private space to be your safety harbour in this busy city.

Let us help you.

We promise you a smooth transition into your new living space.  

Standard Feature in RoomNow

From Boring to WOWing..

We provide home staging & renovation services revolving around the market preference. We offer contemporary designs and long-lasting furniture, all in a below market price renovation package. We have designs that contains the WOW factor with optimized budget. Creativity is one of the keys to 100% occupancy rate.

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Transfer the pains over, you can keep being a worry free Property Investor.

Are you too far away from your property?

Are you tired of handling tenants’ complaints & enquiries?

How to ensure 100% rental collection rate?

Having problem tracing your property incomes and expenses?

We have the solutions for you.

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