Fees and Payment

Am I going to share utility bills with other tenants?

Good news. No more unfair bills splitting!

How is the calculation for utilities?

Our utility fee calculation is simple and fair. Utility fee is fixed, RM30 per month. Each room has a separate meter to measure the aircond usage. Total utility payments you have to make would be RM30 + monthly aircond usage.

The RM30 utility charges include the following:

High speed Wi-Fi V + Aircond usage is calculated based on the rate of RM0.50 per kWh. Here’s a table to help you understand the calculation.

Usage hour kWh Fee
45 30 15
135 90 45
180 120 60
225 150 75
270 180 90
Water V
Cooking gas (if any) V
Electricity in common area V
In-room fans and lights V

Total utility payment = RM30 + Aircond usage.

How do I check my aircond usage?

A smart meter is installed along the power lines of aircond. You can download apps to read the meter.
Calculation dates starts from 1st day to last day of each month.

What’s a booking fee?

RoomNOW collects a booking fee of RM 200 to guarantee your room.

This is not a refundable deposit. It is a payment for the cost of move in, which includes tenancy agreement, keys preparation, cleaning of rooms and etc.

That’s all. Other than that, no hidden fee. (No service charge, no maintenance charge, ect)

How much deposit do I have to pay?

RoomNOW collects a 1 month Deposit Fees + ½ month Utilities fees.

The deposits shall be refunded 2 weeks from the last day of tenancy agreement. As for the ½ month utilities fees, it shall be refunded after deducting the last month’s aircon usage.

Detailed terms and condition will be discussed in the tenancy agreement. RoomNOW collects a 1 month Deposit Fees + ½ month Utilities fees.

Parking lot?

We can help to arrange a dedicated parking lot upon request. However, the parking fees ranges widely, starting from RM 50-100 monthly.

We will definitely get you the best deals available!

How many can stay in a room?

You can refer this to our Room Description. 

Some of our rooms can fit 2 or more pax. Please check with our customer service for further details. 
RoomNOW helps with different bed arrangement. 

However, please keep in mind that it will depends on the area and condo restrictions. 

How many are staying in a house?

Comfort is one of the top priorities in our services towards you. We will keep the numbers of tenants per house in compliances with the rules of comfort and legal requirements.

We comply to the local council restrictions and rules set by the JMB or condo management. 

I love the place. Is the price negotiable?

Hesitates no more, just contact us! =)


Do I need to do common area cleaning?

No more messy and dirty toilet! Huray!!

RoomNow provides FREE scheduled cleaning in common area. We make sure the toilet, kitchen and common area is clean. 

What about the cleanliness of my room?

In-room cleaning with charges.

Our cleaners will only enter your room upon your request for them to clean your room with some additional charges. 

What do I bring when I move in?

Every room is equipped with lights, fan, mattress, bed frame, desk and chairs. You might also get study lamp, mirror, cabinet or shelves storage depends on room design and availability. 

In common area, we will provide washing machine, hot/cold water filter, clothes hanger, fridge and etc.

The room is ready for move in! You just need to bring your personal belongings, i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, bedsheet, pillow.

I’m from far away land, can you help me to arrange the essentials for first day?

Yes, we can arrange like a hotel check in!

We can help to arrange for new sets of beddings (pillows, pillow case, bedsheets & mattress protectors) upon request with some charges.

How about the maintenance of the house?

Not to worry! It’s our responsible to fix anything from lightbulb, leaking to sofa and anything in between. All you need to do is inform us.

Can I cook?

Yes, of course you can!  But…..

(1) Only light-medium cooking allowed. Deep fried, heavy stir fry food and heavily spiced food: curry, dal, or is not allowed.

(2) Wash your dish and clean up the kitchen after eating.

What makes RoomNow special?

There are a few areas that we are proud of:

  • Our response time to roomies is almost instantaneous!
  • We are very easy to reach and always ready provide emergency support and maintenance.
  • Our room designs are as good as you seen in the photo
  • Tenancy details and payment is all recorded in app where you can access anytime and anywhere
  • We arrange community activities to make sure everyone is comfortable staying under the same roof 

In RoomNOW we focused in building friendly community and to provide a safe, worry-free, and comfortable living environment. We promised to deliver the best value and experience to our tenants. 

Viewing appointment

Who am I staying with?

Roomies! As how we like to refers our tenants to. Our goal is to building a safe, secure, and family-like community among the roomies.

If you felt that your safety and privacy are threatened, do not hesitate to contact our community manager and we will response promptly. 

Is there any safety and security measure?

We have CCTV in common area and we provide smart lock on the main door and every of our room on selected location. 

Is there any male only or lady only unit?

Yes, of course we do! Contact us for more details.

I can’t decide… Can I see the room?

Of course, yes! We strongly suggest you to visit us and do a viewing appointment before booking the place. That’s the best way to experience the quality and services from RoomNow. 

Can I just stay for 3 months only?

It depends on the area and condo restriction. However, you can be in touch with our customer service about your tenancy duration and we do have different price range for different tenancy duration. 

I want the room! What’s the next step?

Yes, of course you can!  

Hit up with our customer service, set up for viewing, after satisfied with our rooms, confirm your booking and VOILA! Welcome to your second home 😉