Striving for Quality Living.

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide top-notch quality rooms in town for the dream catchers at the fastest pace. You need rooms; We have Room now. Our vision is also to assist landlords to turn properties into profiting assets by state-of-the-art technology.

Our Mission
We’re here to fill in the gap between Landlords and Prospect Tenant. We are inviting the landlords into this worry-free investment journey with us. With clever budget and designs, we are able to bring more quality tenants to your property. We are also inviting the tenants into this wonderful world of co-living. We are renting you a room attached with a lifestyle that surrounds you with friendships and memories for you to brag to your grandkids in future.

Our Believes & Values
The FOUR pillars of our company, RoomNow.

Transparency & Integrity​

We truly believe that if we treat the others with transparency and integrity, then we will be rewarded back with honesty & sincerity.

Security & Safety​

We work hard to keep landlords & tenants in safe & secured environment. Security cameras and smart home system are there always to protect you from all harms.​

Inspiration & Togetherness​

Here in RoomNow, we trust that togetherness is the basis of continuous improvement. We put in effort to inspire each other to be a better version of us through daily interactions. We believe these wonderful sparks happens in our ecosystems, between our staffs, tenants and landlords.

Loving Earth & Sustainability​

We are committed to develop technology & SOPs to revolves around energy saving and environment sustainability. Every little help counts to make the Earth greener.

Our Team


Her dream is to travel the world in a camper van with her family (Yes, sleep, eat, poop in the same space). Her personal experience with property investment makes her believes that it is one of the best ways to get out of rat race and to achieve the unachievable.


He believes that every small opportunity often leads to kickstarts of a great enterprise. Logistics is his passion; and thinking about real estate drives him every day.


He believes in simplicity. He loves Uniqlo and enjoys indoor time. Thus, he appreciates a beautiful private space that improves lifestyle.